uf quest

UF Quest was a client for my Design and Professional Practice course. I worked with a fellow classmate, Rachel Morris, on this project. Three groups presented designs to the client, and ours was selected. 


What is UF Quest?

UF Quest is an academic program at the University of Florida that will be launched Fall of 2020. It aims to enhance student curriculum throughout the four years of the undergraduate experience at the University of Florida. Quest encourages students to pursue knowledge carefully, while also inviting them to take creative and intellectual risks.

Asset 9_5x-50.jpg

This logo communicates both the goals of UF Quest while also feeling specific to the University of Florida and the UF student experience. A unique mark of our university is our connection to the natural landscape. Gainesville offers students a multitude of opportunities to explore the natural world and become active within it. Nature trails inspired this logo, as like UF Quest, they are a form of guided adventure, an opportunity for exploration beyond the classroom that feels safe, but invites a degree of risk-taking. 

The orange was chosen because it is a bright and inviting color. Inside the logo, a winding nature path leads through the trees and towards a shining sun emerging from thick clouds. This is symbolic of the journey ahead, emerging hope, and the expansion of one’s horizons. 


Brand Extension

There are four stages to Quest, and the client wanted something to represent these stages. We created 4 icons that draw from the original logo. Below is the branded initiative model to guide students and faculty. 

Visual Identity Guide UF QUEST _Page_15.

For more photos and a much more in-depth look, please feel free to check out our Visual Identity Guide!