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Every year, the UF Bergstrom Real Estate Center hosts a Real Estate conference in Orlando, FL for 500 industry professionals. This event allows for students, alumni, board members, and other real estate experts to connect and learn in a dedicated environment. This event gets rebranded every year to stimulate excitement and interest. I created the logo, program, presentations, marketing materials, stickers, and other branding assets. 



This is an image of the screen that was displayed on stage at the conference featuring the 2020 logo. The conference focuses on topics of technology and innovation, and therefore, the logo features morse code. It is also meant to reflect the shape of a skyscraper. Keep scrolling for more branding assets! 


Every year, around 500 attendees look forward to recieving the Trends and Strategies program that provides updated information about the Bergstrom Center, Master of Science in Real Estate Program, and the conference agenda itself. Below are some images of the program.

IMG_2718 copy.jpg
IMG_2744 copy.jpg
IMG_2724 copy.jpg
IMG_2739 copy.jpg


Images from the conference check-in table. Here, attendees grabbed their name badge, lanyard, program, and a resume book!

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image (3) copy.jpg
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