The Declaration

For this zine project, we were assigned to footnote the Declaration of Independence. I took a modern approach to the ancient document, focusing on how the language of the Declaration of Independence could be applied to other realms of life. In this document, our Founding Fathers are frustrated and angry with the King and the British government. The British were jeopardizing their life, liberty, property, and happiness. Thus, I essentially aimed to replace the British and the King, with unhappiness and self doubt. Just like parliament caused a lot of negativity and unhappiness in the early Americans' lives, so does our general negative thoughts and mindset. Thus, in this zine, I am declaring independence from adversity. 


I wanted to stick to a "sketchy" and annotated vibe for this zine, as if a high school student was reading the Declaration of Independence, and scribbled on it, making their own notes and adding their own thoughts. I think this adds the personal touch that I wanted to convey.