Sun wise card set

For this project, we were assigned to create a card game based off of a made up myth about Gainesville Nature. Gainesville, like other areas of Florida, has beautiful and bright sunsets. We were to first create a myth, and then design a card game based off that myth. I drew inspiration from Tarot cards, tea leaf readings, horoscopes, and palm readings. I find it really fun to think about the future, so I wanted to create a card set that could ideally do this. 

Sunset Myth: 

On clear and crisp evenings, when day turns into night, the sun leaves Gainesville to go make another city bright.  As she leaves, she paints a picture in the sky - giving us a story to discover through the eye. She leaves wisdom and advice for each person behind, leaving a future prediction to decode with the mind. People are afraid to look her in the eyes, so she leaves her message as she says goodbye. When she paints she uses colors bright and sweet, each color she uses means something unique. How you decipher her complex painting will leave you comforted to go into the future unwavering. 


To find out what the sun is trying to tell you, you must match the colored cards with the colors in the sunset. Layout the colors that you see, and put your sun card in its relative position. Your Sun Wise prediction depends on the position of the cards in relation to the other cards. Both the front and back of each card are symbolic in your reading. Each card has a certain code, but it’s meaning can change based on its location in relation to complementing or contrasting cards. For example, when twin cards are placed next to each other, it emphasizes the card’s meaning. 

To get an accurate reading, it is recommended that a Wiser interprets your cards. A Wiser is person with a special gift of understanding the sun’s painted picture and relating them back to each individual who views the painting. 

The following are general clues that align with each pattern on the back of the cards. The Wiser will interpret these meanings based on how many of each pattern you draw, as well as the position of these patterns in relation to each other. 


Mother nature pattern - Mother nature will bring you some sort of gift stemmed from the natural world… or give you an unfortunate hand. 


Planet pattern - You are feeling optimistic and curious about things beyond your daily routine. This patterns draws on adventure.


Sun pattern - This represents your future and the sun shining and brightening your path.  


Sea pattern - This pattern can signify overcoming turbulence and finding peace and serenity. 


Floral pattern - This pattern represents the realm of love and fertility. 


Design Process: I wanted to use a pastel color palette, to match the colors in the sunset. I hand drew all the patterns, and then colored them in Illustrator. I hand lettered the logo, and chose a lidded box pattern to make it more sophisticated than a normal card game box. 

deck of cards-01.jpg
deck of cards-07.jpg
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