self love

The prompt for this project was to create a poster based off of something you are passionate about. My poster is a metaphor for inner beauty. Inner beauty is something that is talked about a lot, but it is never visualized. I didn’t want to focus on any exterior characteristics, I just wanted to make a human form obvious. I then attempted to depict the insides of the human body and different systems. The message behind this poster is to “make your inside your best side.” In today’s culture, Instagram seems to consume our self image. When taking an Instagram photo, you often readjust to get your “good side.” My poster is a commentary on this, asking people to forget about their outside and to focus on their inside. 

passion for web.jpg
project 4-03.jpg


I sketched small flower doodles, and then manipulated them in illustrator. Everything in this poster was hand-drawn. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 4.21.28 PM.png