Gainesville quilters

For this project, the main focus was research. There was a large emphasis on field work, secondary research and primary research. I researched the quilting subculture, and then developed material that can better help this culture improve their community. View my case study below for detailed information about this project.


I chose to make packaging for the fleece hearts. Every month, the Tree City quilters donate 600 sewn fleece hearts to the NICU unit at Shands. I wanted to deliver a package that could add an extra smile to these parents’ faces. I chose to hand stitch the border of the box top. This adds that handmade, crafty feel. I tried to bring elements of quilting and sewing into every aspect of my collateral materials. This box says “made with love from the Tree City Quilters.” Again, bringing parents the idea that the quilters are thinking of them, and sending them love. On the inside top of the box, there are instructions are what to do with the hearts. 


For the member folder, I wanted to create a piece of material that current members, and new members could have that symbolize their initiation into the guild. In the handstitched pockets, I created two separate sheets. One, has the basics about joining the guild. This can be useful information for new members, and it can also be handed out to prospective members to encourage membership. The other sheet is a “charity quick reference.” This gives guidelines on how to make the fleece hearts, quilt sizing, and pillowcase sizing. This folder also comes with a button and a custom Tree City Quilting marker. This is to be used as a name tag. There is also a 3 inch sticker.